Hippo Has a Hat

We had a very interesting morning at Play Plus. Our Paramedic friend came a week early, so to fit into our theme of clothes he showed us some of the uniform he wears when he is working, we tried on his helmet, (which is actually quite heavy) and Hi Vis jacket, and we used a thermometer in our ears to see what our temperature was. The adults also became a little competitive when having their blood pressure taken. 


We had some great activities today, some were definitely liked more than others. 

The washing line was a hit, which is so easy to set up at home...


It's just a piece of string set at head height, a bucket full of pegs and some clothes. This is great for encouraging those fine motor skills, especially with squeezing the pegs open and closed. You can then do counting with the clothes and pegs. I remember doing this with my little boy and it was a very fun activity! But do be careful they don't walk into the string!! Once they've mastered using pegs and you get to a stage where you are looking at numbers, you can have a go at peg counting cards as seen in this blog by tummymummy-freeforkids.

The book 'Hippo has a Hat' is all about animals who go shopping for different clothes, and some fit and some don't, so we opened our own Play Plus shop today. 


There was also some finger painting, we painted one of the scenes from the book, which you can find here. This is a brilliant website, which has loads of activities and videos (a lot of makaton videos too) all based on your favourite Julia Donaldson books. 

But best of all was the Tuft Tray Bath! Everyone loved this one and I was amazed at how little water ended up on the floor. 


To start with I didn't put loads of water in there, but I did put in a lot of soap - just normal hand soap. We added some dollies to the bath and some sponges. This is a great activity, because the more you squeeze the sponges the thicker the soap bubbles got. Now I know that having water isn't a complete disaster we will have some more water fun in the weeks to come. 

Ive just finished my beginners Makaton Signing course with Makaton and More than Words Charity, I had a great time, and feel much more confident with my signing, so we will be having a sign of the week, each week in Play Plus, but we will also be having it here too, so keep watching out and see if you can remember the signs. 

This weeks sign of the week was Ambulance Man... 



Come along next week, as we read a great book called 'Ready Steady Rescue', we'll have a Ambulance control centre, learn how to put on bandages and see some more equipment used by people who help us. 


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