Hills, hills and more hills

This is the session that makes a lot of people run for the hills, but when we have finished we are so glad we found that hill.

Today we had a good number in the group and a wide range of runners (some who have been coming for a while and some who have recently just joined). After our warm up, we headed for the hill in question and made our plans of what of what we were aiming for this session.

Today we decided we would try for 3 times up and down the hill, and then to re-asses how we feel after. The idea of a hill session is to help with speed, strength and endurance, and the aim of today's session was to use the correct form when running down hill (this was to use use our arms in an active way and use them for balance, as well as keep our hips high). We defiantly achieved this and by the end of our first few times up/down the hill, we had got our aims down to a fine art.

After we had finished the number of reps we had set out to do, we agreed we would try again for 1 more rep. Which we did and defiantly decided that we had completed our session and it was time to head back for our cool down activity and stretch.