French Toast

  Whether you call it French toast or eggy bread, in our house it has become a Sunday morning breakfast feast. Something my husband loves to do with our boys on a Sunday morning, while I go out running. However this weekend I decided that I would treat everyone to a round of eggy bread - my way.  Continue reading

Bread and butter pudding with a difference

Let's talk about puddings. Hands up if you love a good old fashioned pudding. Now I'm not talking about the ones you had when you were in school, lets face it for those who remember them, they were not the nicest of things. Continue reading

Chicken pie

Hand up who likes a good old Sunday Roast? Now hands up, who always has a lot of leftovers? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you are among the majority of the households who serve up a roast dinner on a Sunday and who always have enough leftovers to do at least 2 other meals. Continue reading

Posh beans on toast

You know you have those days when you get home and just don't want to stand in front of the cooker for the whole night. Well I had one of those nights last night. Continue reading

Fareshare Partnership

Help us cut food waste  Working with Fareshare the Big Red Bus Club will be helping to redistribute surplus food. Deliveries are Tuesday and Thursday, families can help ensure they help cut down food waste by come along and just taking whatever surplus items provided by our local Tesco Stores. Help others We know cooking can be tough, especially when your exhausted, on this blog you can share your hints, tips and recipes so you can help other families in the same situation. Just email Tara on [email protected] or on Facebook with your words and images and we will post it up! Here's our last blog to give some ideas, find out more>>