Finger Signing the Alphabet

Are you interested in learning to Finger Spell? 

In Makaton when telling someone your name, you just sign back the first letter of your name. Makaton is always used with speech where possible, so you would sign the first letter of your name and whilst saying your name. 

So here is every letter of the alphabet, with colourful pictures. 


There are other activities too you could use these cards for as well as signing. 

Letter scavenger hunt - show, say and sign the letter and then run off together to find that letter in your house. It might be on a book or a picture. You'll be amazed at what letters you have around your home.

Object Scavenger Hunt -  If your little ones are a bit more aware of their letters why not shout out the letter and ask them to find something that begins with that letter. 

Here is the PDF of the signs - so you can print them off, cut them out and if you really want to laminate them. Put them up around the house to help with letter recognition! 

Have fun with signing!