Doing the Animal Bop

We had another great morning today. Mainly we were getting excited about our Christmas Party on the 21st December (more details to follow), but we also enjoyed making animal noises and dancing like animals.

We made some animal masks, the kids loved to make the noise of the animal they'd become.

And we also made some shakers to use during our music time, which by the way our favourite song was 'Don't worry' by Bob Marley. If you want to make these at home, all you need are some plastic cups, some rice or lentils, some sticky tape and something to decorate them! Pour some rice in the cups, and use some sticky tape to stick the two cups together, then get decorating! You can be as creative as you want to be. 


 The children particularly enjoyed playing with a farm, that we set out on artificial grass.


We also made a light box, which we put some see through blocks on. They enjoyed building with the blocks and looking through them! 

How to do this at home...
Buy some fairy lights, at Christmas time they are very easy to come by, but you can find them online. Mine were from Amazon and were about £3. The box I have used isn't great as it isn't very see through, but it is still effective. Try and find a storage box that is see through and you can buy one as big as you like! But bare in mind that the bigger the box the more lights you'll need. Then just plonk the lights in your box and turn it upside down. Light boxes are great fun, especially if you have some see through blocks like the ones below. But other things you can use are - coloured cellophane sheets (cut into shapes) or coloured shot glasses (why not draw some shapes or letters on the bottom of them in a sharpie) 


Come again next week for some drumming and counting with 'One Mole Digging a Hole'.



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