Dig Dig Digging

Dig Dig Digging, is a great book. Explaining all about different vehicles and the job that they do in a lovely rhythmical way. There is the same phrase at the end of each page and it's great to get the children shouting it out if they can. 


We had some very smiley faces today when they realised it was all about Diggers. We set up some very simple activities, that entertained! 

Our first one was a builders yard...


This is all stuff that you may have around the house, we used a Play Farm for the buildings and Duplo for the materials walls. The different materials in the yard were wood slices, dried pasta and conkers.

A particular favourite addition to this is the conker shoot, which is a pet tube from a local pet shop. We put a tray at the bottom and all sorts of things disappeared down there. It was a great conversation starter. We talked about whether things were too big, or too small, would it be fast or slow. Children find things like this fascinating, maybe because it disappears and then comes back again. Try setting one up at home off your coffee table. 


We also set up a simple road for the children to play with. It's always fun to see how they play, and the chats they have. 


We used road tape for this tray, but you can use masking tape and then draw lines in the middle to make the road. 

One of the vehicles in the book is a fire engine, so here is how to sign 'Fire Engine'...


Next time you are out about try using this sign - How many can you spot this week? 



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