Dance like a chicken - 14th May

Chicken.jpgYes that is a national day, so on 14th May we will be embracing it and dancing (well working out) like a chicken! Why not join Tara and her online workout half hour to see what she has up her sleeve. So pull on your comfy workout gear, grab a bottle of water and remember it's all about having fun.

Our session is for women only and is set at a level of exercise to suit everyone's needs. You will need to register before logging on, if you haven't already done so please remember to register at:

After registering the first time, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the class and all the future classes. We will also be asking you basic demographic information to participate which we will pass onto you funders, Sports England, which refers to our privacy statement and can be found Here

Funded by Sports England


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