City Airport paint the skies glitter blue

Thefonzinthekitchen_600pix.jpgAs part of National Volunteer Week we were very happy to welcome a great team of volunteers from London City Airport. All the volunteers organised by Fabienne Gress, gave up their day to decorate the Big Red Bus Club.

It was an incredible event for everyone involved, filled with good humor and cheer, with a chance to make much needed repairs to the decor of the club, as you can imagine any building frequented by toddlers suffers unique daily traumas.

As most of our local volunteer team have small children, painting and decorating the building is such a challenge, so the huge team from London City Airport were able to contribute in a way that is simply out of the question for many of us.

Armed with brushes and rollers staff from all parts of City Airport painted the whole building Happy Yellow, except of one wall where they contributed their own bit of sparkle.  For more information on Volunteer Week 2017>> or if you are interested in volunteering at the Big Red Bus Club email [email protected]