Burr it's cold outside

As you may know by now I own a lot of cook books (shh remember don't remind my husband of that fact) and every now and again I will use a recipe from one or two of them.

I am also known for trying most diets and eating plans there are out there, and never quiet sticking to them. But one book I do like is I Quit Sugar, which lets face it says it all about how we would like to live our life, with less sugar in it.

So when last weeks box from the neighbourly scheme came in and I spotted a cabbage I knew exactly what I could make with it. Now I know what you are thinking, cabbage is not exactly the type of veg you get excited about, but really it is so much more versatile than just boiling it. 

The recipe I was thinking of actually uses kale, but a green is a green (hey I have even used sprouts in this recipe) and for a cold night like a one pan wonder was what was needed. Now as I go on you will see that this is not a meatfree Monday dish nor is it one that you would think of for a dinner time, but it works and even my boys will eat it. I like to think of this dish as a deconstructed English breakfast (minus the baked beans, but I'm sure these could be added as a side if you wanted). It's perhaps not something that would be made on Masterchef, but as my kids are my biggest restaurant critics, it's good enough for me.

Actually come to think about it, I have adapted the recipe from the book to be slightly to use what you would have in your cupboard and would be on your weekly shopping list. Even though it is slightly naughty meal, I still think it is filling one and one that the whole family will eat.


1 x sausage

1 x potato pealed and diced

1/2 an onion chopped 

A handful of cabbage shredded (I took about 3 leaves with their hard stalk removed)

Olive oil

1 x egg



1. Heat the oil in a pan and once hot add the chopped onion.

2. While the onion fry's, add the potato (I don't normally pre cook this as I have chopped it in small enough cubes) and cook for a few minutes. I usually cover the pan and leave it until the potatoes are soft ish.

3. De-skin the sausages and break the meat into small bits into the pan. Cook until the meat is cooked through (if you are me, you leave it until the pan is crispy and you have a few burnt bits).

4. Once the meat mix has been cooking for a while and almost done, add the shredded cabbage and cook until soft.

5. When everyone is nearly there, fry the egg on the side of the pan.

6. Serve hot and enjoy with or with beans.


** This recipe is easily doubled/tripled, or if you are like me make it for 2 and eat it all by yourself!! **


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