Blown Away

We were definitely blown away today, not only by the story but with the dancing that went on today. Lizzie from Global Fusion Music came to show us some dance moves, which everyone enjoyed. Our story was about the Antarctic, so we had some lovely blue ribbons which we could wave about like the water, and then we pretended to be whales! But had some time before the story, where we put on some funky music and danced around! We had the cobwebs of half term to shake off! 

Our activities today were again based on our book, which after reading dispelled the confusion of kites and snow! (Do read 'Blown Away', by Rob Biddulph)

Our tuft trays were by far todays favourite activities, the first one was fake snow with penguins and polar bears...


Fake snow is really easy to make at home. To fill a tuft tray, I used one box of cornflour and one can of shaving cream and then mix together. The feeling is great! I also added some scoops, to help scoop up the snow. 

Our next tuft tray was full of water, a bit of soap and boats. This was brilliant fun, especially to splash and splish about in. 


Our craft activity was to decorate a kite, as penguin blue in the story gets swept away on the tails of a kite! (oops given it away now) We had some very lovely designs by the end of the session. 


My personal favourite was feeding the penguin, it's just a tissue box with a laminated penguin on the front, with a hold cut out. I then cut some fish out of crepe paper. You could put any animal on the front if penguins aren't your thing. 


As you can imagine, our sign of the week was... COLD (Feeling cold) so try and use it this week, we've certainly got the weather for it. 


Next week, we're reading a book about Dinosaurs, with a dinosaur tuft tray, soft play and we'll be making a dinosaur mobile to add to our Play Plus art gallery. So come along 10am - 12noon for some dinosaur stomping. 


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