Baby Blues Choir sings up a storm at International Women's Day


On 8th March Storm Gareth visited International Women's Day and so did the Baby Blues Choir, we were absolutely delighted to be asked to sing during the days events at the Her Centre in Woolwich Dockyard

Not only was it a chance for us to show off their wonderful singing abilities, but it was also a day to celebrate what powerful and talented women are in our community and the choirs achievements. 

As you can imagine on the run up to the day, the choir worked hard learning some new songs as well as practice some familiar songs, with lots of help and support from the children and babies in attendance.

So when the day arrived there was a hive of excitement, with the group doing lots of warm up songs, the hub bub of children playing and lots of excited anticipation about the morning ahead.

The group did fantastic with a range of upbeat Disney songs and show tunes and we got the loudest round of applause of the day. 

We were all happy to be able to promote positive maternal community mental health, with our children and get a cup of tea and a slice of cake after.

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