Acorn project



The Acorn Project is a two-year programme of activities and support designed to help local residents in Charlton to volunteer and lead the Big Red Bus Club. 
Funded by the People's Health Trust, through Health Wisdom, the project is designed to build our community in Charlton, using volunteering to tackle isolation and give volunteers and families the skills and confidence to build local projects, right here in the Big Red Bus Club.
The Acorn Project is a journey for your precious  time and skills. We can offer training, support and our friendship.
Jump on board the Big Red Bus Club today to start your journey.
The Acorn Project is only available in a few areas. Please take a look to see if you are eligible to be part of the project. 



Contact [email protected] for further information or signup online here>>

Healthwise_Logo.pngThe Acorn Project is funded by Heath Wisdom/ The Peoples Health Trust.