About the group

Hello and welcome to the Large and Legging It running group.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Tara and I have been a volunteer with the Big Red Bus Club for a number of years. As well as this I am a keen runner and have done a lot of running, before I had my children and now after. In 2016 I qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness and in 2018 will qualify as a Coach in Running Fitness.

As a club one of our future goals will be to involve more health and well-being into sessions, as well as include more for the parents/carers who use us. As part of this I started a group called Large and Legging it, a running group for ladies only.

This group meets at the bus club on a Thursday Morning at 10am and for an hour everyone takes part in a running session. Within this the group will do a warm up, a main running session, a fun bit and a cool down. This is a group for all levels of beginner or those wanting to return to running after a break. Everyone is different and has different aims, but whatever the reason for joining us, we all have a fun (and a laugh now and again!). It is a very fun group of ladies to guide and we all leave feeling a lot better (both mentally and physically).

We will be posting regularly about the group and we look forward to seeing some new faces to the session.


If you would like to join us, the details are as follows:

Day: Thursday 

Times: 10am to 11am

Meeting point: In bus club

Price: £2.00 per person per session (this is a drop in session, so no booking needed)



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