A volunteers day

A day in the life of a volunteer by Tara Massand 

IMG_2536.JPGI started volunteering at the Big Red Bus Club 3 years ago. I happened to be passing when a volunteer spotted me walking past and asked if I wanted to come in with my 2 boys. After this visit I started to visit different sessions and after sometime I was asked if I would like to help out at sessions. I jumped at the chance, as they had welcomed me so much I felt I wanted to give something back.

My day starts out like any other stay at home mum, a mad rush to get to school without forgetting something (or someone!). Once the school run is done, I'm back home to do some chores and get our lunch packed for our day ahead at club. I'm then off again to collect my youngest from nursery and we head over to open up.


Both my boys love going to club, so you will usually see me chasing after either of them while they rush to open up. Once we are through the gate, we are all go and in “work” mode. We use our entrance through the gate as an opportunity to check our outdoor area and to clear it if any material that shouldn't be in the grounds.


We can now tick this duty off our list and head inside for the fun stuff,set up! We bring out a number of different toys and games, and enjoy arranging them around the room ready for lots of returning, and new, friends to join us.


Today's session was a busy one where we have welcome lots of new children and enjoyed the lovely weather outside. When it's time to go home, we all tidy up the toys we have played with and close up in time for the school collection.

Without volunteers the Big Red Bus Club could not carry on. I have made some very good friends and we will really miss it when we start school full time. So, go on, if you have some free time, would like to meet some great people, volunteer (if I can do it, you can too).