50 ways to cook a potato


In a household full of fussy eaters yet short on time, it's easy to become trapped in a cycle of eating the same things over and over again.

Potatoes are something that usually go down well here,( and something that The Big Red Bus Club get most weeks in the M&S deliveries!) with everyone having their own favorites. Roasts always go down well but time restraints mean these are often a weekend treat. So here I've listed some of our midweek favorites.

Mash is a huge hit with the kids can be pretty quick and can be a great way to use up fridge ingredients.
Instead of using butter why not try using mayonnaise, milk, cream, grated cheese, garlic, or cream cheese.
Top tips:
-Chop the potatoes into small chunks so they boil quicker
-Make extra, it stores well in the fridge and re-heats well. It can also be used to make fish cakes another day.
-Bulk out with other veg. Carrots or Cauliflower are favorites here

Jacket Potatoes.
Jacket potatoes are a favorite for me as everyone can have different toppings, yet I don't feel I have made several different dinners.

Top tips:
-Pre cook the potatoes in the microwave or slow cooker first, then crisp up in the oven for 10-15 minutes to save electricity.
-Cook extras, they freeze and reheat really well
-Sweet potatoes make for a healthier alternative and cook quicker.

Nothing beats home made chips! You can oven cook, shallow or deep fry for delicious results.

Top tips:
-Leave skins on to save time and for extra fibre.
-If I have recently made roast potatoes I use this dish and oil( I don't wash it up unless I have burnt dinner too much!) to make extra crispy Wedges.
- If frying, blot the cooked chips/Wedges with kitchen roll to absorb excess oil.

Pan cooked Potatoes.
These beauties are so versatile that you can use any potato and season in so many different ways that they will go with any meal.
Boil chopped potatoes until tender. Add a small amount of hot oil to a pan whilst you drain the cooked potatoes. Add potatoes to the pan, season and stir regularly to prevent burning.

Top tips:
-Add a sprinkle of dry polenta for extra crispness.
- Experiment with Seasonings; salt, paprika,fresh herbs, garlic, lemon and lime,
-Add double cream, cheese and garlic for a luxurious treat.
-Once cooked add a small amount of butter and mix.