1st session back after half term

It was great to be back after the half term holiday and nice to see the returning faces from last term, and some who have not been for a while. 

Our group has now been going for 3 terms (7 months for those who don't follow a school calendar) and it is fantastic to see how far all the ladies have come.

Today was a nice bright crisp morning and a good one for a session in Charlton Park. This weeks session was all about speed and how to change it as we go round our route. It's a nice little session and one that gets our heart and lungs working. During my session plans, I try to include this at least once a term as it helps with our speed and endurance.

We started at club with our stretches to help warm up our muscles. Recently I have been putting a sneaky, but fun, little drill just after our warm up. This one tests our sense of direction and if we can multi task. Safe to say, we didn't quiet get the right way and we all ended up in different directions, but had a laugh when we figured out what way we should have been.

After our warm up we took a quick jog up towards Charlton House to use the small pathway that circle the trees in that part of the park. It is a lovely part where we can run our little circuit and only have to contend with the dogs, and occasional squirrel. We managed to increase on the laps we did last term and by the time we had finished we were well and truly warm. As always we finished with a quick and fun activity (this time a relay), which defiantly saw the competitive side of some come out.

To finish up we did our cool down stretches in the sun back at club, before heading off to start our day. We were defiantly warmer and more refreshed, and ready for what the day ahead held.

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