10 Little Friends

We looked at the whole topic of friendship today. We read a great little book called '10 Little Friends'. This is a great book for counting and we said 'hello' to everyone who arrived in the book, which the children enjoyed! 9781785578618_a.jpg

So all of our activities were geared around friendship and counting! 

A fun activity, which you can easily do at home was a tray filled with saw dust. I then added some numbers and some tweezers, so they had to search through the sawdust to find the numbers. Sawdust is great to play with (obviously supervised!) as it gives that sensory interaction and for the clean conscious out there it is quite easy to clean up after. 


We had two tuft trays out today, our second one had Duplo people on and some cars so the friends could travel to meet each other. Simple invitations to play like this, really inspire the imagination and can encourage a child to take themselves off to other worlds in their imaginations.  I added some bridges and tunnels too and its amazing to find out what the Duplo people get up to. 

In the story, 9 friends knock on the door and come and play, so we decorated a cardboard box house. It was really simple to make and one little girl painted it for about 30 minutes. We took a cardboard box and cut some doors on the ends then using a sharpie (Other permanent pens are available) we drew on different parts of the house. This not only gives a painting experience, but then you can make some people out of cardboard and they can play by taking their people in and out of the house. What a beautiful house?



For those who love Duplo, this was our other fun game today. I made a football pitch with a goal either end and then, we used two straws and a pom pom (I think it would be easier with a tennis ball) and you can blow the pom pom over to score a goal. Check out the Duplo website - this post was my inspiration. But there are great ideas for playing with Duplo on here.

If you are following along with our sign of the week, this weeks one was - FRIEND! A lovely sign. I wonder if you can use it this week! 





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