Dig Dig Digging

Dig Dig Digging, is a great book. Explaining all about different vehicles and the job that they do in a lovely rhythmical way. There is the same phrase at the end of each page and it's great to get the children shouting it out if they can. 


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The Hungry Caterpillar

This is the first blog since the holidays. It feels like such a long time since I've posted here!


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6 Weeks of Tuff Trays

Well, the six weeks' holiday are upon us! For some it's a time of dread and for some a time of joy and not having to do the school run every day. But for everyone it is a time where you have to think of more activities to do.

On our last Play Plus of the year someone inspired me to write this blog post as they realised that tuff trays are something that you can do at home and not just only at children's centres and nurseries. So, I have compiled 6 tuff trays that would be easy to recreate at home – that's one a week for the holidays and one less activity to think about.

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Robot Rumpus

You know you have the best job in the world, when you get to read the books you love. And this weeks one is no exception! 'Robot Rumpus' by Sean Taylor, is a great book, and 7 robots that are left to babysit and the inevitable chaos that ensues! 


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Errol's Garden

We had a gardening theme today, so it felt very summery. The sun definitely made us all feel so much happier. Our gardening theme was inspired by a new book that came out in May called 'Errol's Garden'. Its such a lovely book with beautiful pictures. Errol loves growing things, but runs out of space in his flat and one day comes across something that might solve his problem, but I won't give the ending away. 


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Sharing a shell

The sun was out so we celebrated by having a bit of a beach/rock pool theme today. We even had the sound track to Moana playing to really get that sun, sea and sand feel going! 

Our story was 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson (I promise we do read other authors). 


The images in this book make you feel relaxed just by looking at them and you can imagine dipping your toes in a deliciously cool rock pool especially on a day like today!

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The Gruffalo

We seem to be doing a bit of a Julia Donaldson binge at Play Plus and it is not something I am ashamed of. Her books are amazing and allow for so much creativity and imaginary play. You get sent into a world where animals talk and where incredible creatures like the Gruffalo appear from no where and seem normal next to a fox, snake and owl!! 


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10 Little Friends

We looked at the whole topic of friendship today. We read a great little book called '10 Little Friends'. This is a great book for counting and we said 'hello' to everyone who arrived in the book, which the children enjoyed! 9781785578618_a.jpg

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Snail and the Whale

This is one of my all time favourite story books. The pictures are gorgeous and the story is brilliant, about how even if you are small/young you can still achieve great things. Which is a great message for the kids who come to Play Plus, because they are all brilliantly capable of achieving things, like signing for the first time in a session (there was a slight tear in my eye when this happened today). So if you have never read it before grab a copy and read it with your little ones. (Don't worry I haven't completely given the story away!) 


Meet our Snail and Whale, they helped us with our story today. We had magnifying glasses to find the snails 'itchy foot'. 


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Never take a Bear to School

We opened our Play Plus school today (For One Day Only). Our book of the day was 'Never take a bear to school' it's a great book that tells you why you shouldn't take a bear to school, but a handy book to help explain what might happen on your child's first day at school and as number of ours are starting school in September we thought we would start the preparation early. 


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